Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are Video Games Education?

Over the years, I have had various students who are video game players and enthusiasts, and the more astute of them have often argued for the educational value of video games.  This idea has been gaining traction in the field because of the basic concepts of risk/reward, critical thinking, improvement through increasing levels and challenges, and teamwork.  Additionally, I occasionally encounter some very bright students who talk about game design as a career.  While that may sound like a fantasy job, it is by no means a slacker career.  In fact, it's mostly my advanced AP students who express a sincere interest in this career.  Thus, the value of video games as education, and the value of game design as a credible career should be considered by any education advocates.

For more information check out this short 5-minute Film Festival of clips exploring the value of video games in schools.  This presentation is from Edutopia - the site for the George Lucas Educational Foundation.  It presents examples such as a middle school in New York in which all the traditional subjects are explored and learned through game design, or the STEM video game contest sponsored by the White House.  In keeping with "a teacher's view" that whatever works in education is good policy, the idea of video games as education is worth considering.

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