Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gatorade Removes Disgusting Ingredient - Still Unhealthy

Gatorade is not a "healthy drink."

It never has been, and it certainly didn't become healthy through mass marketing via the Pepsi Company.  And, it's still not good for people even after the recent news that it will remove a disgusting ingredient after consumer questions and petitions.  Obviously, most consumers never would have expected a "sports drink" to contain brominated vegetable oil.  However, it was clear to any consumer who bothers to check a label.  The reality is that anything mass produced and mass marketed is going to make it unhealthier.  This product is a long way from the "Gator-ade," developed for the University of Florida football team.  Keep in mind, it was developed for athletes going through intense workouts in high humidity, and the glucose-fructose syrup was designed to rehydrate.  That's not what is in the product on shelves today.

Years ago I noticed brominated vegetable oil on the label of a Mountain Dew that my student brought into class.  We had a rather amusing discussion as the class inquired what the heck the ingredient was and why it would be in a soda.  Our investigation turned up some disturbing news about bromines, including potential side effects including impaired concentration, impaired coordination, and acne-like symptoms.  Basically, ingesting products with brominated vegetable oil makes you clumsy, stupid, and zitty.  And drinking Gatorade will not make you healthier after a workout.  And even without the BVO, Gatorade is still made with chemical coloring and flavoring, as well as high fructose corn syrup.

Very few athletes need the sort of re-hydration that Gator-ade was meant to provide.  And, no one needs the garbage being peddled by Pepsi Co. these days.


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