Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Avon, CO? Check Out Loaded Joe's for Coffee, Snacks, & Drinks

Fall is the most under-rated time in the mountains, as its reputation for being mud-season leads many to look elsewhere to vacation while they wait for the snow to fall. Each fall, the Cherry Creek School District breaks for a week, and during that week I can't wait to head for the mountains. This year, we're spending time in Avon and Beaver Creek, and while we were tooling around town, we discovered a gem of a coffeehouse and restaurant called LOADED JOE'S. After a brisk walk and short round of disc golf, we were looking to warm up at the foot of the mountain in the heart of Avon. One look at the menu outside Loaded Joe's and I knew I had to try their warm "Snickers" espresso beverage - a warm foamy concoction of espresso, dark chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, and steamed milk. Served in a deep mug that warmed both hands, I sipped this dessert coffee and gazed up the hill through the "garage door" windows at the mountains of Beaver Creek. We also enjoyed several other drinks from the menu - the Milky Way, Spanish Coffee, and Con Pananna were all delicious and warming. I would add that I asked them to lighten up on the sweetness which allows the coffee/espresso to come through more strongly. For snacks, we munched on the sweet potato fries, cooked to crispy perfection, and the salty, marinated, grilled brussel sprouts that were the most interesting snack I've had in a long time. And the portion was huge, which meant the rest came home to be heated from breakfast. The service was great and the whole atmosphere was fun. Can't wait to go back in the evening for beers and the open mic night. Loaded Joe's is worth the visit while in Avon or Vail.

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