Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Colorado News - What to Read & Watch

Colorado is a beautiful, diverse, and progressive state with much to offer. It also has the complex mix of opinions that establish it as purple state. And that doesn't refer to the "purple mountain majesty." So, the question becomes, "How do you get news about Colorado?" Clearly, the immediate answer comes in the form of its one major newspaper, The Denver Post, and its major news stations 9News, Fox31, ABC7, and CBS4. But where else do people learn about the Colorado Voices? I recently ran across an article in the Aurora Magazine, and up to that point, I had never heard of the magazine. As it turns out, it's an off-shoot of The Aurora Sentinel. So, I started thinking about the other places I get news about Colorado that is worth reading.

5280 Magazine is the monthly Mile High collection of news and features, with great info on restaurants and events.

Living in Greenwood Village, I like to check out The Villager, though even its online content is subscriber only.

I do check in from time to time with Fort Collins' paper The Coloradan.

Of course, Colorado Springs has The News Gazette

Because I am a teacher, I check Chalkbeat Colorado for the latest in education.

And, there's no substitute in the High Country for the Summit Daily News.

For more local and specific flavor, you can check out this list of Colorado blogs.

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