Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taxes and Growth

In response to the budget plan by Paul Ryan and the GOP which cuts taxes by $4 trillion, both Charles Blow in the New York Times and Walter Mondale in the Washington Post attempt to clarify the issue of taxes and growth. The question is whether Americans can do the math, or whether they are still deluded by either sound bite ideology or simple ignorance of economic facts, rather than theories.

The TEA Party likes to claim that Americans are "taxed enough already." Yet, as Mondale points out, taxes are at their lowest rates in forty years - and, consequently, is government revenue which leads to deficits and debt at both the state and federal level. Sadly, too many voters don't see the connection, and they are reluctant to pay for what they want ... and that's precisely because politicians and leaders have convinced them they are already paying for what they don't want.

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