Wednesday, September 21, 2011

REM - Thank You and Good Night

My adolescence was defined by three bands - U2, The Police, and REM. They all took the music of the 1980s in a fascinating new direction that changed the future and defined Rock-n-Roll for me. U2 continues to innovate, the Police have long since disbanded, and REM, until today continued to define post-punk music that inspired me. Alas, the band from Athens, Georgia has gone the route of the Police and formally ended their career together. They were one of my first concerts, and I was mesmerized from that moment on for the next twenty-five years.



MikeAT said...

It is a sad day for true music lovers....they will be missed. At least I got to see them a few years ago in New Orleans.


Darren said...

Loved REM; have a couple of their concert videos and saw them at Shoreline Amphitheater once. Most impressive.

I liked Nightswimming, The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight, What's The Frequency Kenneth, and the video for Crush With Eyeliner.