Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unimpressive GOP Candidates

A recent discussion with a die-hard Republican about the current presidential candidates revealed a lot about the Grand Old Party ... and none of it seems good.

"The nominee has not yet appeared, you mark my words."

Really? Not yet. Seven candidates on the stage, two well-known prominent front-runners, and several candidates who aren't even invited for lack of support ... and you're telling me you've got nothing. That you're still waiting. That any day now, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is going to ride into town in his white hat and save the day and the party. Wasn't Rick Perry supposed to do that? To be that guy?

What the heck is wrong with that party if, amidst all those candidates, and all that hoopla, that even the die-hards are disappointed or unmoved and waiting for someone else.

Not good, GOP. Not at all.

I mean I'd like to rally around Romney or Huntsman. But you're making it really hard. And what kind of future does that propose?

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