Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Dark Side of Steve Jobs and Modern Technology

Several months ago, amidst all the praise and fond remembrance of Steve Jobs following his death, monologuist Mike Daisy revealed the dark side of all our new technological toys after he flew to China and uncovered the apparent atrocious working conditions at the FoxConn factory where much of our Apple products are assembled. Recently, Jon Stewart has spotlighted the story after a CNN crew followed up on Daisy's accusations.

Stewart's commentary, of course, was in response to GOP calls to restore jobs to America, and Rick Perry's strange comment connecting "jobs" and Jobs. And, his expose obviously generates a bit of controversy and uneasiness, as Americans seek to reconcile the products they use with the labor used to create it - the type of labor which they would never seek themselves or for their children or perhaps even force upon people they don't like.

Certainly, I understand the awkward situation that labor plays in the price of products we love. And I understand different countries and cultures and standards of living. But the human being in me just has a problem with stories like this coming out of these factories. And, I just don't see how we can endorse it or condone it.

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