Monday, June 29, 2015

Food Network Star 2015 - Rosa's Sandwich Fails

If you can't talk about food in an engaging way, you will never be a Food Network Star. That said, if you can't make really tasty, interesting food on a daily basis, you won't even have a chance to talk about food in an engaging way. And, that's what happened to Rosa this week, as she was eliminated during the annual 4th of July barbeque episode because her portobella mushroom sandwhich just disappointed. Thanks for playing, Rosa.

So, I am a bit late to the competition this year, and this is my first Food Network Star post of season 11 in 2015. In fact, I had been unaware that the season started, so I just tuned in for the recent 4th of July episode. And, I have to note that I disagree with Bobby Flay's comment that this is "the strongest group of contestants FNS has ever had." If that's true ... well, that's not true. But I am reasonably impressed at this point with a few: Emilia Cirker definitely has "it," as she knows how to cook and can effortlessly talk the talk. She's a frontrunner.  I like Alex McCoy and Jay Ducote at this point as well, though Alex really needs to get some command of his "food talk." Jay is easygoing and can flat-out cook.

I will have to wait a week and see if anyone else rises in expectations. At this point, it seems like Dom is the perfect example of a good cook who won't be able to bring it in front of the camera. No matter how much coaching he gets, he will never be comfortable and engaging enough to anchor a show - and the judges know that by now. The others have their stengths and inconsistencies - as does the show. I was late coming to this season mainly because the last two winners have been so disappointing. And, I have documented my opposition in this post on Lenny, as well as this one lamenting the elimination of Nikki Dinki.  After the last two seasons, the show lost a lot of its entertainment value.

Hopefully, this season will redeem it. And, I hate to say it, but I'm kind of glad that Alton isn't back - his cynicism had just become ... wrong.

So, game on, Foodies.

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