Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Colorado Wine Takes a Seat at the Table

When Warren Winiarski pronounces your wine "all grown up," you have arrived. And it seems that is the status for Colorado wineries which have been expanding with increasingly credibility for years now. Winiarski was one of the early pioneers in California wines, and he was one of two people to put American wines on the global map when his Stag's Leap cabernet bested French wines at the Judgment of Paris, an epic moment for oenophiles and one which was captured for all of us in the movie Bottle-Shock.

Since that epic moment in the enjoyment of crushed grapes, it has been the rest of the country's task to catch up to California. And while Colorado will probably never compete with Napa or Sonoma on a big scale, the praise Winiarski offered for Colorado vintners should not be understated. This moment was artfully captured by Denver Post food critic Kristin Browning-Blas who recently reported on Colorado's best wines at the Governor's Cup, a competition that Winiarski helped judge.  The competition identified Colorado's Top Wines with some recommendations for us all.

Colorado has been developing a reputation as "Beer's Napa Valley" with the incredible growth in the craft brewing market. And the state is developing a similar name in the world of distilled spirits, especially with the medal winning status of Breckenridge Bourbon, as one of the world's top three bourbons. And, now it seems the vino in the Rocky Mountains is world class, too.

I'll drink to that.

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