Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Renewed Sense of Purpose - July 2015

Yesterday, I came down from the mountain, and as I returned home and reflected on a relaxing Independence Day celebration in the beautiful mountain town of Breckenridge, I realized that at this mid-point in the summer - and this mid-point in 2015 - it is time for a renewed sense of purpose and committment to my goal of "living the life that I have imagined." Earlier this year, I blogged about entering 2015, my 45th year, and my intention to live a better life. The goal was to make this my best year yet by improving how I do my job and how I live my life. I can be a better administrator and teacher and husband and father and person. That focus includes living a healthier and more focused life. And, that includes success as a writer.

And, so far, I am not where I want to be. The following words concluded my thoughts in January:

So, I like my job, and I can't complain about my life, but I had a different vision of success in my life, and my daily-ness does not look like the life I had imagined. And, I will not be truly happy or content or satisfied until I am doing all that I have planned and am capable of doing. There are articles and books to be written, presentations to be crafted and made, products to be produced, businesses to develop, and refinements to my daily living experience to be crafted. And, 2015 should not end with the resigned disappointment and acceptance of "adequate" that has been the conclusion of previous years. And, I am hoping that this blog keeps me focused and honest and on track. Last year I turned forty-four, and it seemed like a convenient marking point for my next phase. I'd graduated college at 22, I'd achieved career success in pubic education at 44, and it was time to begin "Act III." Act III is a writing career and the role of "independent scholar" and public commentator. So, here's to Act III. Here's to more writing and "advancing confidently ... to live the life I have imagined."

Clearly, I have not written what I want to write, nor have I reached the levels of health and focus as a person that will make me feel successful. And, that needs to change. Life has thrown a few curveballs this spring and summer, as our incredibly rainy spring and summer has led to some very serious structural issues in my house. This damage, of course, from "earth movement" is conveniently "not covered by insurance," and I am facing some serious home improvement costs. But, I need to simply take care of business, and I need to work harder to be better prepared financially and professionally to handle that which comes my way. To that end, I return to my focus - "living the life I have imagined."

Wish me luck.

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