Monday, July 27, 2015

American Ninja Warriors are LIMITLESS

The NBC obstacle course, personal challenge, parkour reality show American Ninja Warrior has captured the attention of millions of Americans who are inspired by individuals who can push their physical limits in the pursuit of excellence. We've been watching in our house for several seasons now, and I believe there is something impressive and influential in the spirit of this show. All cultures seem to have some reverence for and place great value in the "pursuit of excellence." ANW has the ability to push many people off the couch with the belief that "I want to do that" and, even, "I can do that."

The show brought to mind the idea behind the hit movie thriller Limitless which was based on the (mistaken) belief that people "only use 7% of their brain." While the movie was premised on Bradley Cooper's character using an experimental - and potentially dangerous - drug to maximize his potential, I liked the idea of him supposedly "weaning himself" off the drug and learning how to truly be LIMITLESS. And, isn't that much of what being alive is about? Hasn't humanity progressed and grown by people pushing their limits to be their "best selves."

And, that's been on my mind lately - Being my own best self and reaching my potential ... and beyond.

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