Sunday, July 26, 2015

Michelle Quits the Food Network Star

Can we just cut to the chase and name Jay Ducote as the next Food Network Star?

While no one should have been surprised by the events of last week - when Michelle quit right before she was going to be sent home - it was, as Bobby Flay said, something "we've never seen on this show." Certainly the editing of Giada talking to the bottom four made it appear that Alex was on his way out - and he should definitely be next to fall short of his Food Network Star aspirations. But I think it was as likely Michelle was going to go home anyway. So, she made the decision that "family is more important," which is an easy decision to make when you are clearly outmatched.

Time and again, Jay is the one truly consistent finalist who can both wow judges and the general public with his food and be able to talk comfortably about it in front of the camera. He is in many ways similar to the Sandwich King Jeff Mauro who was always a clear frontrunner on the show. Though Jeff had his share of stumbles and shortcomings in front of the camera. And Jay is just as smooth and consistent as we've seen. So, I know we have a few more episodes - and unfortunately we have to suffer through surprise winner Demaris Phillips from two years ago who will return to host the show this week.

As far as the others?  Well, Arnold still has a shot, I guess. And Dom has shown he can still cook up a storm - and is inching toward some degree of comfort with the camera. Eddie? Well, he's a lot of fun and can cook ... but he's too inconsistent.

So ... Jay Ducote is the next Food Network Star. Anything less would be a bit of a fiasco.

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