Thursday, December 17, 2015

In Washington CD and Hungry? Check Out "Burger, Tap, & Shake"

Driving around DC with a group of hungry kids on a school trip, doing all we could to avoid fast food and extremely pricey fair, and we found a great burger joint called Burger, Tap, and Shake. Being a bit of a foodie, and certainly a healthy food aficionado, I was not thrilled about walking in to just any burger joint. And then I discovered the Burger of the Month - "The Blitzen." It was a venison-bacon burger with smoked gouda, caraway marmalade, and lingonberry mustard. It was quite a nice surprise. While the bun was a bit better than average fair - and obviously white flour fluffy - the burger was rich and juicy with a great blend of flavors. The fries were tasty, but the onion rings looked delicious (still regretting my choice). And, while I didn't order a shake, several in my group enjoyed some unique flavors, including mango. Burger, Tap, and Shake was quite busy, but efficient, with an eclectic customer base consisting of teenagers and young professionals, as well as families and older patrons. Had I not been on a school trip, I would have certainly imbibed in what looked to be a great tap beer selection as well. So, if you're on Pennsylvania Avenue and looking for lunch, check out B-T-S.

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