Sunday, November 27, 2016

Best Sandwiches - Denver

RE-PRINT - Views on Village, 2012

Joey's favorite food?  Sandwiches!

Anyone who watched Friends remembers that classic line from the trivia game played for possession of Monica and Rachel's apartment.  Sandwiches.  They are the perfect food in so many ways.  As Jeff the Sandwich King on the Food Network says, "Any meal is a sandwich and any sandwich can be a great meal."  Regardless of the culture or the place or the time or the food, it can be a sandwich.  Meat or vegetable.  Beef or seafood.  Savory or sweet.  Sandwiches are great food.

If you don't receive the Denver Post - and per my last entry, I wish you would - you may have missed the Lifestyle feature today on the best sandwiches in Denver.  From the Parisian sandwich at Marczyk Fine Foods to the brisket sandwich at the Masterpiece Deli to the Banh mi at Ba Le, there are many fine sandwiches on the Denver food scene.

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