Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Speech & Debate Season Has Begun

If I had to name one class that offers students the best preparation for college, careers, and life, it would probably have to be Speech & Debate. It is a world of intellectual and academic competition where kids get the opportunity to simply "geek out" on being smart. Each year, I try to attend some competitions either to judge or to profile the community. Here is a my first feature of the year from "The 5280" tournament at George Washington High School in Denver - "Colorado Speech & Debate Season is Off and Running."

Cleary, the young people of debate are grappling with heavy political topics in a time of high anxiety following Election 2016. Yet no place could be more collaborative and collegial than a high school Speech & Debate tournament. The intellectual camaraderie in the halls and cafeteria of GW is evidence of that community.

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