Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Troubles for Trump Transition - Who Would Want to Serve?

The idea of transitioning into the role of leader of the free world surely must be a daunting one, and I'd imagine it takes a skilled political mind to coordinate the task. Clearly, that is proving problematic for a man who disdained politics and bucked the very system he claimed he wanted to lead. One interesting note - the man apparently seemed shocked that he needed to staff the entire White House, including the cook. Now, the arduous and monumentally important task of staffing a Presidential cabinet is proving daunting - not a great sign for a country that relies on peaceful transition of power.

I guess I'm wondering who would actually want to serve in this administration. Clearly, some respected Republican leaders in the world of National Security want no part of this process. The most significant departure from the transition team is the exiting of respected leader Mike Rogers. Not feeling good about this.

After exchange w Trump transition team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming “you LOST!” Will be ugly,’’ tweeted Cohen, who served from 2007 to 2009 as counselor to then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He was a driving force behind an open letter last spring — eventually signed by 122 Republican national security leaders — who opposed Trump’s candidacy.

Cohen, who last week had urged career officials to serve in Trump’s administration, said in an interview that a longtime friend and senior transition team official had asked him to submit names of possible national security appointees. After he suggested several people, Cohen said, his friend emailed him back in terms he described as “very weird, very disturbing.”

“It was accusations that ‘you guys are trying to insinuate yourselves into the administration…all of YOU LOST.’…it became clear to me that they view jobs as lollipops, things you give out to good boys and girls,” said Cohen, who would not identify his friend. Cohen also said the transition official was “completely dismissive” of concerns raised about Trump’s appointment of Bannon, who Trump’s advisors have strongly defended.

His friend’s email conveyed the feeling that ‘we’re so glad to see the bicoastal elites get theirs,’” added Cohen, who described the response as “unhinged.’’ Trump transition officials had no immediate comment Tuesday, but Jason Miller, a senior transition communication adviser, told reporters Monday night that Trump and Pence know the urgency of filling key positions.

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