Saturday, November 12, 2016

Anthony Bourdain, Houston, & America's Beautiful Diversity

Anthony Bourdain lives the life I have imagined, and it is wonderful to live vicariously through him. The chef, writer, traveler, and cultural critic, whose show Parts Unknown is a cosmopolitan treat featured weekly on the CNN Network, has been entertaining and educating readers and viewers for years with his travels to exotic and interesting locales. In the hangover of post-Election 2016, I couldn't imagine a better antidote to the natonal feelings of uncertainty and anxiety than Bourdain's recent trip to and spotlight of the vibrant, diverse, and eclectic city of Houston, Texas. Clips like this provide a comforting insight into the strength of American culture - a culture that is built on immigration and progressive acceptance and embrace of diversity.

It is certainly worth taking a virtual trip to Houston via Bourdain's weekly essay on life, food, and culture. Find this episode On-Demand, and wrap yourself up in the warmth of America's vibrant and growing multiculturalism.

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