Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Rep Lauren Boebert Lacks the Conscience of a Conservative

 After the sad events of last week at the Capitol in DC, and the profoundly disappointing behavior of the newest elected representative from Colorado, I penned the following op-ed which was published today in the Denver Post. 

Ronald Reagan used to say, “I didn’t leave my party. My party left me.”

While he was explaining his shift from midwestern Democrat to western Republican, his sentiment also describes the situation for many these days who find themselves conservative but not Republican. It’s a particularly apt distinction in Colorado where a majority of voters now identify themselves independent and unaffiliated. And it’s particularly pertinent this week after the unsettling words and behavior of the newly elected representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, Lauren Boebert of Rifle.

After the riotous mob assault on the nation’s Capitol, Rep. Boebert both supported the attempted insurrection while also trying to distance herself from it. After excitedly praising the radical chaos in D.C. by tweeting “Today is 1776,” she later shifted gears to assert the rioters “were not conservative.” Her mistake is in thinking she is. While Boebert correctly asserts “conservatives do not tear their country down,” she naively fails to realize she is not conservative. The representative is certainly a social media sensation. She’s obviously a small business owner. She’s an elected official. She’s a Republican. But she is most definitely not conservative.

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