Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Listening to the Radio

I still listen to the radio in the car.

It might be one of the most GenX things I do, and I know it's starting to fade from common practice as everyone can now connect their phones with Spotify or Pandora of iTunes and play whatever they want. But it's scrolling through the radio stations that I love the most, not know what is coming up and always being surprised when the "deejay plays my favorite song." My radio dials go from jazz to alternative to country to classic rock to Eighties or Nineties hits to R&B to hip hop to modern pop and hit radio. I love the variety and diversity, and I listen to all the stations.

This morning I went out to the car to listen to the radio while I waited for my daughter who needed a ride to school. And the radio wouldn't work. Literally. The music would not play on any station. I was really bummed out. My daughter just laughed and told me to play from my phone. 

And that just misses the point entirely.

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