Friday, May 7, 2021

Sophia & Bill did it Again

After the sheer brilliance of the film Lost In Translation, you might expect that the director and actor would not want to mess with the success of that surprise hit. But you'd be wrong if that director happened to be Sophia Coppola and the actor was the legendary Bill Murray. While LIT was a surprisingly successful film for such an understated story and pared down directing, the magic between these two artists shouldn't have been. And now, like before with very little fanfare, Sophia and Bill have done it again with the movie On The Rocks. The story and directing are again aligned with the style that brought so much with so little to Lost in Translation, but OTR is not a remake or sequel or attempt to repackage the same old thing. It's a worthy follow-up, and I'd definitely watch a third film from these two.

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