Monday, May 3, 2021

Michael Lewis Knows -- He's had a Premonition

Bestselling non-fiction writer Michael Lewis has always seemed to know where there's a story brewing before anyone else has any idea it will be a thing. From his earliest days uncovering and spilling all he knew about the finance industry in Liar's Poker, the Princeton grad just seems to have a premonition for the latest story of our times.

His latest work The Premonition: a Pandemic Story was practically written and published in real time as the coronavirus/Covid-19 public health catastrophe unfolded over the past fifteen months. And in producing his latest insightful non-fiction narrative, it might appear he knows something the rest of us don't. The reality is he simply listens to the people who do know, and he asks good questions. That angle has been part of what the WSJ calls "A Unified Theory of Michael Lewis." 

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