Monday, November 12, 2012

Let Texas Secede from the Union

It's a little known fact - though it gained more prominence with the weak and fated presidential campaign of the hapless Governor Rick Perry - that petitions to secede from the union creep up in Texas every now and again - even every year.  It seems to be a regular bit of Texas business for one of their state legislators to introduce a resolution of secession into the Texas legislature.  However, with the re-election of President Barack Obama, the calls for secession were bound to grow louder, and now it's official.

Texas wants to secede from the Union.

Actually, about 30,000 Texans want to do so.  And a smattering of citizens nationwide in as many as twenty other states want to secede as well.  The number of signatures on a petition submitted to the White House website is enough to reach the "respectable" level where the administration usually responds.  It will be interesting to see if they do on this one.  My hope is that they will, and I already know what the response should be.

Go then.

Let Texas secede.  There isn't necessarily a lot of great reasons to force them to stay.  And I'd be sort of amused to watch Texas exercise its sovereignty.  In many ways, Texas has always been a reluctant member of the United States of America.  And Gail Collins offered a fascinating study of how the reach of Texas influences the country - and mostly not for the better - in last year's best seller As Texas Goes: How the Lone Star State Hijacked the American Agenda.  The country is certainly not in favor of more George W. Bush or Rick Perry or Ross Perot.  And there isn't much favorable to say about a state school board committed to censorship and ignorance.

So, let's not too hastily reject their offer.

Maybe we should let Texas secede.


Build It High said...

So does Alabama!

Quick! Build the fence!

Hiring undocumented Alabamans will be a crime? Green cards required? Trade barriers? Big fence, with Georgians wanting to shoot illicit fence-jumpers? Will Alabama join the U.N.? The World Bank? Will we have a defense treaty with them? Will they join the Non-Aligned Movement?

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Anonymous said...

Since states can't secede on their own (see War of Southern Aggression for details) there is one way to accomplish it. Introduce an amendment to the Constitution to let Texas (and other CSA states) secede to be ratified by the needed 37 states. Once ratified, watch as Mexico repo Texas.

Forget the Alamo!