Friday, November 9, 2012

University of Illinois - Top Party School for High Post-Grad Paychecks

Having attended the University of Illinois for a degree in secondary education, I have fond memories of both my social life and education.  That view has been endorsed by in an article which found that of the top twenty party schools on the Princeton Review, graduates of Illinois could expect the highest starting salary after graduation as well as the highest mid-career salary.  While Illinois is located in the heart of the Midwest and surrounded by a hundred miles of corn and soybean fields, it has a thriving social scene on the campus of nearly 40,000 students - and it's located in a metro are of Urbana-Champaign, twin cities of more than 100,000 residents.  Illinois' party reputation comes from its extensive greek system which is the largest fraternity-sorority system in the country.  The high pay expected by graduates results from one of the top engineering programs in the world, as well as highly ranked finance and business programs.  Illinois is definitely a great investment for the finance and the fun.

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