Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mail-in/Drop Ballots are the Way to Go - Florida Fails Again

It didn't even take until election day for the clueless state of Florida to screw up the voting process again.  As voters attempted to navigate the early voting process, Florida was plagued by the sort of election incompetence that has become synonymous with their name since the fiasco of 2000.  A strong democratic republic deserves better than this, and the voting process should not be this hard.  While this sort of disaster has become great fodder for humorists like Dave Barry, electoral ineptness at the state government level is no joke.

The easy solution to this voting problem is a mail-in/drop off ballot like we've been using in Colorado for years.  The system is very well run, as I simply receive my ballot in the mail, vote at my convenience, and mail in or drop the ballot off at any one of numerous voting centers up till election day.  Years ago, I knew several elderly voters who would request absentee ballots because "they needed more time" and the burden of making it to the polls was prohibitive.  About that time I realized any citizen could request the ballot and take the necessary time to vote at their convenience - not the election bureau's.  Soon, it seemed Colorado election leaders listened, and we adopted a statewide system for getting ballots early and dropping them off as we could.

Get a clue, Florida.  Voting should not be difficult.  Of course, with a governor like Rick Scott, I guess we have to recall the words of PJ O'Rourke on the GOP and government - "Republicans run on a platform that government doesn't work - then they get elected and prove it."

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