Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Support Wikipedia

Everyone uses Wikipedia.

This is not an exaggeration - or not much of one.  These days everyone says "Google it" when they have a question about anything.  But they might as well say "Wiki it" because most likely the "top hit" for information about Sophocles' tragic hero or the Bush Tax Cuts or a chronological list of the Simpsons or the career of Taylor Swift is going to be Wikipedia.

Some people believe Wikipedia is the bane of teachers' existence.  In fact, I've heard students say teachers "hate Wikipedia."  But that's not true.  Teachers love Wikipedia - even if they hypocritically deny doing so to their students.  The reality is that teachers discourage - and rightly so - the citation of "Wikipedia" as a credible source.  It shouldn't be cited in research.  However, it is credible information, and students should logically use it as a starting point or "springboard" for any research they need to do.

Thus, at this time it's important to note that Wikipedia is having its annual fund-raising drive, and the best online source for credible information - or links to credible information - needs your help.  One of Wikipedia's primary strengths is its desire to remain open source and commercial free.  By avoiding a reliance on ads, Wikipedia can offer greater objectivity to its offerings.  This is something Google can't do.

So, if you've been on Wikipedia lately, and you know you have, float a little cash their way.  Consider it your user fee.

Support (financially) Wikipedia.

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