Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jobs for High School Grads

Of course we've all heard about the projected life time earnings difference between high school and college graduates.  People who dig deeper discover the caveats as well.  While some estimates run as high as one million dollars, others conclude that if you you factor out issues like mega-billionaires and the cost of tuition at elite schools and the time taken to earn the degree and the difference between associates and bachelors degrees, it might be less than two-hundred thousand.  Not chump change to be sure, but there is the practical reality of who can earn the bachelor degree and how many of them the economy can truly support.

For those looking no further than high school. MSN offers this story, or list, of good jobs for high school grads.


Claus von Zastrow said...

A fair point: If everyone had a four-year degree, would everyone earn a high salary? Not likely, given the economy's dependence on cheap labor in some sectors.

Still, the time I've spent in an economically segregated urban area has convinced me that unequal educational attainment contributes a great deal to troubling economic disparities.

mmazenko said...

I agree on the unequal opportunities - it's indicative of society's lack of respect for skilled labor and acknowledgment of the necessity of unskilled labor.