Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ridiculous Comments on Health Care

In the past couple days, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Colorado Republican Congressman Mike Coffman have been hospitalized - and both have used the incidents to make rather crass and ridiculous statements about the health care situation in America. Limbaugh was hospitalized for chest pains and Coffman broke his ankle. Both responded to the press that they have "tested" the American health care system and found it to be working perfectly.

How crass.

The only thing Limbaugh and Coffman have learned is that the health care system works for people worth $400 million dollars and for Congressmen who have government administered, taxpayer funded health insurance. That health care is available and high quality for the wealthy and upper middle class who have good - and untouchable - benefits has never been in doubt. Coffman, by the way, went on to note that he pursued a second opinion at a specialty clinic, for which he paid the additional $350 out of pocket, and it was "well worth it." That, of course, is not difficult for a man earning a salary of $175,000 of taxpayer-funded salary.

And it is to be expected that Limbaugh to comment this way. However, Coffman's comments are beneath the dignity of his office, and he should consider the many of his constituents who can't afford their premiums, or who have had their insurance eliminated by employers, or who can't get any policies, or who can't afford hundreds of dollars for second opinions.

I voted for Mike Coffman, but I am profoundly disappointed in his flippant, insensitive comments to the media, and I will be letting him know.

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