Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going the Distance

Lately, I've been impressed by the quality of films put out in the Romantic-Comedy genre - as is evidence from recent posts. So, here's another. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long starred in a great film Going the Distance from director Nanette Burstein - documentary film director of American Teen, another recent posting. The long distance relationship story is a familiar, even cliched, one. But Barrymore, Long, and Burstein team for a refreshing look, driven by some great dialogue, surprising scenes, and some real honesty.

Overall, a well-written and occasionally surprising look at love. Take time to watch Going the Distance.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I thought maybe I could trust your opinion on movies - fell asleep during this one. At least my wife liked it - but she likes anything that might even hint at being a romantic comedy.

Maybe I was just tired.

mmazenko said...

Give it a second chance - there's some really good writing in this one. Love the sarcastic tones, random quirky characters, and surprisingly candid moments. Any movie that works the arcade game Centipede into the plot is pretty choice.

msills13 said...

I absolutely loved this movie. It has such a good story to it. I love how crazy and fun this movie is. I also really enjoyed the love in this film. Great movie!