Wednesday, February 2, 2011

College Not For All

A new Harvard study (PDF) says American students need to begin to decide in middle school whether they want to prepare for four-year college and then a career. The alternative approach, the study says, is to begin vocational training for a job earlier.

The study is inspired by European systems of education, and its authors say too many students are graduating high school without middle-level skills that could help them land well-paying jobs as electricians, for example. About a third of jobs in the next decade won't require a four-year college education, the study says, and this program would help American kids prepare for them.

This is not surprising to anyone on the front lines of education - yet it is completely lost on all the reformers who get the press. The Obama Administration and their narrow-minded - altogether clueless - minions continue to push college for all to the exclusion of real discussion of practical education.


Anonymous said...

Bring back apprenticeships.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that not all should go to college. However, middle school is much, much too early to have to decide. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was in middle school.

mmazenko said...

They shouldn't decide - but they should certainly be thinking about whether they are academic or not by middle school.