Monday, July 9, 2012

Next Food Network Star 2012 - Martita

Food Network fans will not be served up episodes of "Martita's Mesa" - a great relief to many of us who knew that the camera-frozen Martita did not have star quality.  For a young woman with not much culinary background, she went surprisingly far in the competition.  Ultimately, she lost in a producers's challenge to Ippy, who is not much better for the long run.  But Martita - whose accent mysteriously appears at the start and end of presentations only - really had nothing to offer.

Giadia DeLaurentis continues to embarrass herself, coming off like a catty middle schooler as she coaches and cheers on "her team."  Neither Alton Brown nor Bobby Flay were seen coaching and cajoling and leading their people through the live presentations on Sunday, but Giadia couldn't sit still and cheered wildly when Yvan handled a simple microphone malfunction.  Giada just wants to win this competition - exposing a surprising insecurity - and isn't really about finding the Next Food Network Star.  I used to really enjoy her shows, but this season has really turned me off to Giada.

And about those "challenges."  Each contestant was supposed to face an obstacle during their set to throw them off their game.  And Michelle, Ippy, and Justin faced some tough challenges.  Michelle's was the worst of all with having no idea what the time was and a cameraman acting crazy.  But Yvan had a simple microphone go out.  That was not a difficult problem.  And a technician ran up with a replacement - which he "heroically" waved off.  And Marti was missing an ingredient.  Oh, big deal.  I saw nothing impressive in the response of Yvan and Marti because any adult could have dealt with that.  Had Marti faced Michelle's problem, she would have broken down in tears.

And let's say it again.  Marti cannot cook.  She is not a Food Network Star.  She has no culinary training.  She makes the most simple of dishes.  She doesn't "teach" an audience anything.  For goodness sakes, she made "Fish in a Bag."  That takes no skills, and she can't even make it interesting.  The folksy party schtick is wearing thin, and I do not understand why Bob and Susie find her interesting.

The competition still is - and should be - between Justin and Michelle.  They are the only potential Next Food Network Stars.


Anonymous said...

I made comments here before and am making it again cause I totally agree with you on: Marty's no talent at all/ on Yppi's no star quality either! I totally agree that Michelle and Justin should get to the finals!I hope they will! I thinl they will! MartY or Yppi should go next! I saw an improvement on Nikki but she cannot cook much either!

Anonymous said...

Giada: well I also agree with you on her attitude: one word comes to mind: unprofessional! Also a few weeks ago when Linkie was on the bottom 2 Giada was cold: she said: "Come on Linkie! Get your appliances!" In a dry tone,and displayed a cold look towards Linkie! Bob Flay told his bottom 2 contestant( I cannot recall whom it was: iu know it was a lady) He said I am thinking "chicken". The lady said:"Oh yes I am thinking "yogurt on the chicken! I am thinlong "Greece". I mean he was more nurturing,more professional than Giada! I love Giada and her programs:however I am disappointed at her lack of professionalism!

mmazenko said...

Agreed on all counts. Giada has a dark side, and no one seems to understand the fascination with Marti.

Definitely Justin or Michelle

Anonymous said...

I made comments here last week: after this program is over I won't be bothering you: allow me to say also on Giada: she struggled for one or two seasons and I saw her talk about it/ I also saw one shot showing her with her hands on her chin,feeling down:she for one or two initial seasons of "Everyday Italian" would not smile/ would do a great job technically so she had an audience since day one:however she would not smile:she admitted she was camera shy,even growing as granddaughter of the great late movie producer Italian Dino di Laurentiis married to late great Italian actress Silvia Mangano! Giada grew up hating pictures being taken of her! She said on the Food Channel looking back at her hard beginning on this channel: "I never liked people taking pictures of me,let alone myself being filmed by a camera for my food show!" I heard and saw all this on Chefography, those special programs the Food Channel showed on its several main chefs like Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, etc etc and among them,Giada! I do remember her being very serious on her first two seasons! Luckily for her she changed.opened up more,started smiling and became a real hit,even writing great cookbooks! I like Giada but again she has lacked professionalism several times during this season of "Food Net/ the next star".Bobby Flay is more nurturing,more professional and more objective! Some people don't like Alton Brown: I like him! Once you realize he is like the "professor" of the Food Channel-the guy understands a lot of the scientific aspects of food-then he can be likable! He can have a maybe peculiar sense of humor sometimes:however I think this is what makes him The Alton Brown several people like! Plus the fact he is sort of the Professor in this channel!Maybe Giada will mature next season!I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Allow me one comment today/one after final next week theb I will make comments only in one year in the next food net/star in 2013/ ok I agree with you about Marty and last night Alton Brown was crying!!!! I believe due to his tears they gave Marty a chance ,even breaking the rules:as you know they were only 3!! Now 4 with Marty!!Unbelievable!Outrageous!She has no culinary training! I voted for Michele Ragussis right after the program/ I voted on the phone: I believe America might go for Yvan the American dream story plus there is a huge Hispanic population in this country that may go for Yvan: I myself am going for Michelle:either Michelle or Justin should win! Thanks!