Monday, November 12, 2012

The Amazing Race - To be Continued?

As the most recent episode of The Amazing Race neared its conclusion - and the top of its prime time hour - I was wondering how the show would wrap up with several contestants still out and more than one task to complete. And, then it became apparent the show was going to continue next week.  The "To Be Continued" message was somewhat of a shock because the Race has never ended quite this way.  Normally, the episode will be a longer one with multiple teams out when it "cuts off," or it will be an episode where Phil tells contestants on the mat "You are still racing."  So, this ending was a bit unorthodox.

I am quite disappointed by the travel fiasco of the goat farmer and Abby/Ryan, though it has, I guess created this conundrum which is "To Be Continued."  The key question is how they can catch up being "nine hours behind."  Certainly, the expectation is that Abby/Ryan will go on because the Goat Farmers can't complete the swim and the Lawyer/Rock Star will be eliminated for losing their travel documents.  Trey and Lexi may be out front but I can't imagine too many people rooting for them - they're just so ... vacuous.  And, of course, the Sri Lankan Twins continue to annoy most people.  The twins' nasty language and contempt for each other makes them almost unwatchable.  And I can't wait for them to slip up.  But time is getting tight, and we might be cursed with the Twins in the final.

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