Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TIE Conference 2013 - Copper Mountain

Working to expand what I can offer as an Instructional Technology Coordinator at my school, I am attending the TIE Conference at Copper Mountain in Colorado.  TIE - Technology in Education - has been working to engage teachers and connect the world of education digitally since the founding of the conference and organization in 1987.  This conference is a new connection for me, and I am excited to engage with so many educators seeking to break free from the traditional constraints of education - especially now in an era of standardization.

The keynote speech today was presented by Steve Hargadon - an innovative voice in the world of education and instructional technology.  Steve spoke to the ever-growing concerns about the out-of-touch nature of the factory model that has guided education for far too long.  Echoing and extrapolating on the ideas being put forth by writers and thinkers such as Sir Ken Robinson, Daniel Pink, and others, Steve presented an engaging vision about the future of education.  He spoke of the importance of participation, creation, sharing, and engagement.  Creating an online presence and becoming an engaged learner is a key - even a necessity - for educators, and places like TIE are promoting the initiative.

Off to my next session.  More from TIE later.

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