Monday, August 26, 2013

E.L James - Getting Rich Writing Fan Fiction and E-Books

In 2009 Erika Mitchell - aka E.L. James, author of popular "mommy porn" Fifty Shades of Grey - had never published a book or even written any fiction at all.  Now, she's near the top of Forbes list of top- earning celebrities, pulling in an astonishing $95 million this year.  Not bad for someone who began writing "fan fiction" after reading the Twilight Series, and then parlayed that into her own erotic novels which she initially self-published as e-books.  While the self-publishing route was long considered the last chance for narcissistic writers who weren't good enough to earn a publishing contract, it's now considered a more respectable avenue of publishing which bypasses the outdated restrictions the industry places on writers.  E-publishing and on-demand print publishing doesn't require huge investment from publishing companies, so there is virtually no risk and all profit. And for writers who find success independently first, the royalties are far superior to the traditional route.  So, how did E.L. James go from unpublished to multimillionaire in a very short time? Well, the story has been well documented numerous times, and it offers a blueprint for many aspiring writers.

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful book! I finished it a few days ago and cannot get it out of my head. It is pure magic. It was everything I hoped it would be and much more. Thank you so much. You are a great writer... EL James.
EL james