Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mindful Meditation Now Has a Magazine

It was on that late night jaunt to the supermarket to return a movie to RedBox that I ran across a new magazine that should relax me - but may have only stressed me out more. Mindful is a new magazine and website that is designed to promote the benefits of "mindfulness" - or at least the practice of meditation to get there. Having never seen this magazine before, I was immediately intrigued, and my attention was drawn away from the latest edition of Fast Company which is such a fascinatingly busy magazine about all that's new and good in the world that it was hard to be mindful about Mindful. And so, drawn in by the title and the cover picture of Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy, I began leafing through the magazine, intrigued by articles such as "How to Meditate" and Sandra Oh's commentary on the joy of being mindful.

When I think of being "mindful" and the meditative life, I am generally inspired by Henry David Thoreau's advice to "live deliberately." Of course, standing in a supermarket magazine aisle, casually reading a magazine on meditation, I wasn't too certain I was being mindful or living deliberately. The magazine was a bit busy, I must admit. And that sort of thing can counter the peace that should come from meditation and mindfulness. For, how am I ever going to find the time to do all this? And still check out the article on the most innovative companies in the world. And, with that I returned the magazine to its shelf, returned my movie, and went home in time to put my eight-year-old to bed with a little reading of Little House, the Rose Years.

That was living deliberately.

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