Sunday, August 10, 2014

Interesting News & Information Websites You Probably Don't Know About

What did we do before the internet?

Information and entertainment is so infinitely accessible these days, it's hard to imagine a time when we couldn't instantly look up reviews of restaurants or the background of a movie actor or the latest stats for the PGA Championship or the NL MVP race. I'm a bit of an information hound, which means I am constantly looking for engagement  - or distraction  - across the internet. That's why I've always been such a fan of magazines. And I can stand in the supermarket aisle for an hour reading random articles from Fast Company or Psychology Today or Men's Journal.

Of course, now that information is all immediately available on any electronic device. And that has led me to all sorts of new time-using (I avoid the word "wasting") sites. Here are a few new sites that I've recently discovered or engaged with to check the headlines on what is new and intriguing:

Thrillist - a digital men's lifestyle magazine with plenty a brain candy like the best Beer Festivals in Denver this month.

The Alternet - a news and information site that has original news and commentary. It pulls from a variety of news aggregation sites like and - and occasionally sends content to those sites. - an international news magazine out of Canada with a a little bit of everything including arts and culture as well as alternative news. It seems to be a go-to for the millennial generation. And they give it as much clout as Gen X gives the New York Times, or HuffPost for that matter.

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