Monday, September 1, 2014

Great Food Truck Race Sends Military Moms Home

The Food Network's competitive food truck show the Great Food Truck Race hosted by Tyler Florence visited the progressive and eclectic town of Austin, Texas this week. Having narrowed the field to six trucks, Tyler challenged the contestants to compete and thrive in a town that already has a large and successful food truck culture. (Speaking of that - hope they come to Denver some time).

The food trucks faced a couple of new and interesting challenges, including serving up meals to an online dating match up from  The singles in attendance were given a single $25 chip to vote their tastes. And, the food trucks also faced a speed bump which required them to "switch trucks" and sell the other truck's food. They kept the profits. This was, in my opinion, a really ridiculous challenge, especially for the team that had to sell the Military Mom's limited and mediocre food.

Ultimately, the Military Moms went home - albeit with a slim margin of $6 separating them from second-to-last Madres. While I certainly sympathize with the message of the Moms, it was clear from the beginning that they are not chefs - they were winning customers based on their MO. But it wasn't very good food. And they could not compete with people who can really cook and will thrive in a food truck market.

The show heads to Oklahoma City next week.

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