Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Health Rules in 2015

It's no surprise that we have health problems in this country, and it's a safe assumption that we are responsible for a significant portion of them. Yet, we have a lot of misinformed bias about the problems. For example, the belief that we can simply "exercise away weight" is a myth that is clouding the conversation. Today, I did a fifteen-minute interval workout on a treadmill and sweated up a storm - and I run hard - and I burned about 130 calories. That's, basically,a couple of Oreo cookies, or about a third of a Frappucino. Now, I am a grown man who is in shape, and I barely burned off a couple cookies. So, how in the world are little kids going to work up enough energy to burn off the snacks they have been bred to so casually eat. It's not a fair fight, and it's simply wrong to shame people, especially kids, who struggle with weight by telling them they just need to "get up and move around a little."

Certainly, people need to be active, and we should encourage exercise and physically active lifestyles. Many Americans are too sedentary, and our school system based on "sit and get" while preparing for standardized tests is not helping at all. However, food choices and eating habits are far more significant in successful weight management, and there are some simple lessons. Michael Pollan said it best when he advised people to simply: "Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants." And, this year, people who are resolving to be healthier have a new resource in Dr. Frank Lipman's The New Health Rules.

  • Don’t fear fat. Coconut oil, avocados, and meat from grass- fed animals all contain healthy natural fats, which your brain and body need to function optimally.
  • If you eat cows, make sure they eat grass. In other words, know what went into the meat before it goes into you!
  • Get 15 minutes of sunshine a day. You’ll boost vitamin D, mood and immunity in minutes.
  • Stop this egg-white omelet nonsense. Yolks are packed with satiating nutrients so put them back on your plate and feel fuller longer.
  • Curb sugar cravings. Eating less sugar reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes so the sooner you taper off, the sooner your risk will drop.
  • If you learn only one yoga pose…….let it be supta badha konasana.
  • Break up with bread.…….and over a 100 more tips

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