Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trump & Carson Are Un-Serious Candidates Who Should Be Ignored by Rational People

I still don't get it. This bizarre fascination with an "outsider" or rebel candidate who will "fix Washington" should quickly come to an end. Donald Trump & Ben Carson should never, and will never, be President of the United States. For, as Bill Maher recently noted, "If Ben Carson thinks someone with zero governing experience should be President, he must first let someone with zero medical experience operate on his brain." Why do we believe people who know nothing about the government are the best qualified to run it? Strangely, "If there is one thing Republican voters can agree on it's that the less the head of our government knows about government, the better."

And, that's just wacky.

Obviously, voters are disgruntled with "our government," which really just means they are dissatisfied with roughly half the reps with whom they disagree. And, it is the frivilous thinking that "government is broken" which leads to the rise of un-serious and potential harmful candidates like Trump and Carson. Let's be clear, the American government is not "broken." Somalia's govt is broken. Syria's govt is broken. The American government is in no way whatsoever "broken." But it's that type of thinking that allows for un-serious people like Trump and Carson to get a megaphone. And, that is a problem. That part of our electorate is, in fact, broken. Despite all the rants of people like Trump and Carson who declare America a mess and make crazy comparisons to Nazis and slavery and the Depression, the Republic survives and thrives. Strangely, immigration, debt, spending, etc. have not inhibited the US from remaining the most dynamic economy in the world. Certainly, we could decrease a bloated military budget that is largest in the world, and larger than the next 30 countries combined. And, we could raise more revenue to pay for the retirement and medical care of the last two generations who have drawn out far more than they ever paid in (leading to massive debt & shortfalls) while also voting themselves an ever-lower tax rate. But, that said, contemporary American society and government is every bit as sound as it has been. Nope, not "broken." And Trump/Carson are bizarre candidates who should not be acknowledged by serious people.

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