Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is Trump Kidding? Could This Be Satire

Until a student mentioned it a few months ago, I hadn't thought that Donald Trump may be satirizing the entire GOP primary ... but now I'm not so sure. A couple weeks ago, when many columnists were making predictions for 2016, I was struck by the possibility of mockery and satire again when Denver writer and radio host Ross Kaminsky made this prediction:

Donald Trump drops out of the presidential race and says that his whole campaign was a bet with fellow Manhattan billionaire liberal Michael Bloomberg about whether Trump could really fool gullible Republicans into thinking he had suddenly become a conservative and that a man who traffics in exaggerations and insults, and learns about national security issues from "the shows," could be a good standard-bearer for the GOP. Former Trump supporters show remarkably little embarrassment.”

And, now I'm giving the idea just a tad more credibility. For, it reaches a point when sane, clear thinking, rational people have to consider the idea that there is no way that Trump could be this much of an ass. So, I've given it some thought, and I've done a bit of research, and I'm not the only one who is speculating - and definitely hoping - that Trump is just playing the GOP primary voters like a fiddle. The best I've seen yet comes from HuffPost blogger Andy Ostroy who posed the idea, "What if Trumps campaign is really about this ..."

I'm leaving the race. I don't want to be president. I never wanted to be president. I just wanted to hold a mirror up to the ignorance and bigotry that lurks dangerously beneath the surface. And you shocked me. The more vile and racist I became, the more you loved me! No matter what I did, I'd go up in the polls! I'd say to Melania, what do I have to do turn these people against me, kill someone?! I pulled off the greatest social experiment in American history. In the end, it wasn't Donald Trump whose behavior was shameful, it was yours. I was merely pretending, but you weren't. You've got a lot to work on, America. And you can thank Trump for exposing it."

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