Saturday, February 13, 2016

Brock Osweiler Should Prepare to Take Less Money

Peyton Manning has the perfect opportunity to walk away from the game of football with his legend intact. And, that will open up a slew of decisions for the Broncos management as they seek to re-capture the lightning next year. With a some big free agent signings on the agenda - including their third-year rookie backup QB Brock Osweiler - Denver GM John Elway will see the financial resources stretched. And the only uncertainty is, really, who will be under center.

Von Miller is an absolute no-brainer - the most dominant defensive player in the league is an absolute game-changer, and he should be offered whatever money he wants. Write the huge franchise check to MillerLight58. Next in line: the Broncos must re-sign D-lineman run stuffer Malik Jackson, and he gets big cash, too. And, of course, Elway's team has to keep linebacker and great open field tackler Danny Trevathan. These are must-haves on the defensive side of the ball because there is no doubt after SuperBowl 50 that "DEFENSE wins championships."

That leaves Brock Osweiler.

For a young player in Brock's position, the market might offer as much as $12 million+ for about four years. Less capable QBs have got that.  But Brock is  dreaming if he thinks the team in Orange will give him that. Brock, while he played a valuable role in this year's drive to the world championship, is simply not an elite quarterback. He's not mobile like Cam or Aaron or even Big Ben (who's not that slick, but still tough to bring down). And Denver won't make the mistake of giving Brock elite money like the Ravens did with Flacco. Flacco is a really good QB - but not remotely worth his money and not the reason his Ravens teammates have a ring.

So, Brock is going to get an offer based on "whatever money is left over." And, if that's 3 or 4 years at about $8-10 million per, then he should take it. If he needs more, then he should go shopping. But that means he'll have to cherish the one and only ring he'll ever own.

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