Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cherry Creek High School's Troubadours Play Carnegie Hall

One of the great joys of working at a place like Cherry Creek High School is getting to experience the incredible artistic talents of groups like the Troubadours. Creek's men's audition a cappella choir is a group of hardworking and musically gifted young men who bring sheer joy to their art. Last month, I had the special opportunity to travel to New York City where the group participated in a musical showcase at Carnegie Hall. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. Here's some info from the story I wrote for the Denver Post - Cherry Creek's Troubadours Take Manhattan:

Everyone knows the old adage about the way to get to Carnegie Hall – “practice, practice, practice.” No one has to tell that to the Cherry Creek High School Troubadours, as the men’s a cappella choir practices extensively, working daily in class and putting on numerous concerts throughout the year. Their hard work was recently rewarded when they achieved the dream of so many aspiring musicians, playing Carnegie Hall on a recent trip to New York City.
Cherry Creek’s audition choir The Troubadours travelled to the Big Apple in late March to participate in a Saturday evening event where eleven high school choirs from around the country came together for three days of rehearsal to prepare a musical program that was performed at Carnegie Hall. Cherry Creek choir leader and director Sarah Harrison was contacted by travel company Manhattan Concert Productions which organizes events such as the Carnegie Hall concert, and the Troubadours were invited to join the production. She has worked with the organization numerous times because she can “trust this company to put together a quality product.”

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