Monday, September 26, 2016

Debate 2016 - Trump's Uncomfortable Agitated Evening

Well, that was awkward and uncomfortable, but not all that unexpected. In fact, the debate this evening with Donald Trump blustering, interupting, and occasionally babbling against a clear spoken (mostly) calm and policy oriented Hilary Clinton was exactly what we should have all expected. And it did not disappoint. The whole thing made me a little uncomfortable simply because a US Presidential Debate should not looks so ... un-Presidential.

Certainly, the pro-Trump crowd - including and especially the "Deplorables" - will be very pleased with her performance. But I don't think this reality TV act will play well or win with swing voters, moderate-independents, or especially women and minorities. At least I hope it won't - and I would be quite disturbed by my country if it did.

As far as the value of what they said, well, as each said, "check the facts."

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