Monday, March 5, 2018

Whom do you trust & respect?

A friend recently posted this question for discussion on social media: "As an adult who is an authority figure you respect? Not should respect, but actually do." 

Many people immediately think of specific individuals like their family, while other people will note specific professions or titles. It's no surprise that fields like doctors and police officers and the military are commonly respected, though plenty of people will also question whether those traditionally respected roles always and implicitly deserve respect. Political leaders not surprisingly rank low on the list, though that seems a bit disappointing considering the way we have so revered some of our finest leaders from history. And, of course, in contemporary America, we will mindlessly support and respect people from one political party while adamantly dismissing the opposition wholeheartedly.

I’ll say this: it’s not the job, position, uniform, or institution. It’s just about the person and character/integrity. That’s a pretty standard view for Gen Xers - we were the first generation to grow up witnessing the public trust being violated by the Presidency, the priesthood, and other titles once thought to be sacrosanct. So, now we view institutions with caution, and we raise our kids to do the same. That’s probably a good thing - though it’s a shame to think about what’s been lost.

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