Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Super Average Tuesday

In the forty years I've lived, Americans have preceded practically each national election with the mantra and pledge to "throw the bums out." This year the Tea Party hysteria was lauded as the force that would bring that "change." And while there have been a few notable upsets, the reality is that while America has contempt for "Congress" and "government," they don't really have a problem with "their congressman" or "their government." Most of the challenged incumbents retained their seats in the primaries, and the reality is that the country and the world is not nearly as terrible as the pundits claim.


Paul Swendson said...

To what degree do you think that "gerrymandering" and/or the demographics of states account for their success? Many people vote party line no matter what.

mmazenko said...

Gerrymandering has always been an issue, and I do feel the country is pretty evenly split between parties and on issues these days.