Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vocational Ed Gets the Ax in AZ

Apparently, a 2009 bill in the Arizona legislature cut $550 from the state's Department of Education. That included reducing funding for Career and Technical Education (CTE) from $11 million down to $57,000 - a 99.9% reduction. This is truly sad, and it continues to reinforce how clueless Americans, and especially elected officials committed to low taxes/limited government, are when it comes to the actual needs of the education system and necessary reforms.

While schools and politicians continue to appease voters with increasing test scores and college admissions, ignoring college graduation rates and the needs of the workplace, the area that gets neglected is good, old-fashioned vocational education. This is the aspect of the system that needs the most focus and reform.


Unknown said...

Hi Michael,

I think a lot of your readers are teachers or perhaps in some area of education and so I’m writing to suggest as a resource link on your blog. This website provides career and licensure information for those who are interested in moving into the school counseling profession.

Hope this is helpful,

Seth Sanford

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

The reality is "no child left behind" doesn't work, and the broken two-party system continues to push this amongst other things, which goes along with their out of control spending.

The federal government needs to get rid of this BS requirement, its a carrot without any stick, and its forcing schools to do wierd and odd things, like fire teachers based on low scores.

That makes alot of sense, not.

I actually had taught at TJ high school for a short time in Denver. I firmly support schools, education and funding.
But I do not care for politics, suing teachers as a means to balance a budget...

Charley Miller
Unaffiliated for Colorado US Senate

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