Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Wrong Approach to E.Coli

As the battle continues to improve food safety and decrease the number of food borne illnesses, it appears corporate America is going the more complicated route once again, as it only seeks the bottom line. According to this story, the Cargill Corporation is having some success with a vaccine against E. Coli for the cattle in its herds. After testing 85,000 cattle, researchers report the cattle have not reacted negatively to the vaccine. However, this could simply create more problems.

It's always been my understanding the E.Coli - the dangerous strand of of 0151 - is non-existent in grass-fed cattle. Thus, if cows graze and eat only that which comes naturally to them, they never fall victim to E. Coli and don't pass it on to consumers. It seems, in some ways, as if companies like Cargill, who raise cows unnaturally on massive feedlots, are actually responsible for causing the illness they are now trying to develop a vaccine against. Yet, if they simply changed their business model, they wouldn't need this vaccine in the first place.

Not dealing with geniuses here - just unthinking profit seekers.

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