Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cain is Not Able

As Mitt Romney recovers from the Rick Perry flash-in-the-pan and the Chris Christie tease, he appears to be poised to once again take the nomination ... and very likely the presidency. However, one critical decision could secure or derail that trajectory - the choice of vice-president.

Herman Cain's candidacy will never succeed, and lets hope Mitt knows that when he thinks about running mates. For, mark my words, Herman Cain will be Mitt Romney's "Sarah Palin."

Romney needs a running mate with experience ... and Herman Cain needs to go run for city council somewhere.


Mike Thiac said...

Strange Mike

You are so concerned that the VP nominee of the Republican Party has experience but that was not required for the man-child B Hussein Obama. You know, the moron you voted for for President of the United States.


Darren said...

Odd that his experience in the Federal Reserve Bank means nothing to you.

But it doesn't matter. The pen I was holding in my hand a few minutes ago would be a better president than the one we have now, and Cain would do a better job than that pen. By the transitive property....