Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Voting Booths

The Occupy Wall Street - and Occupy [name city] - movement seems to be pretty motivated and pretty angry about the GOP and the conservative position that the White House - not a finance industry meltdown resulting from mortgage industry malfeasance - is responsible for the continuing economic doldrums. This is clearly a liberal, progressive, and moderate/independent response to the Tea Party, and they seem motivated, if not exactly clear on their goals.

However, as this article very clearly explains that progressives would be much more successful and have less need for these political demonstrations if they'd simply bothered to vote. Rather than occupying Wall Street and other city/state governments, the protestors should simply go home and make sure they are registered to vote - and then file their ballot. Rather than banging the drums of protest movements, they should be banging on the doors of their friends and fellow progressives and make sure these people are registered and voting.

The numbers on progressive votes are shocking. In 2008 65 million Democrats voted, a full 13 million more than the GOP. Yet, in 2010, thirty fewer million Democrats voted and that simple fact may have handed the US House of Representatives to the GOP. Certainly, independent voters have shifted as well. But the drop in progressive voting is hard to ignore. The 18-24 year old voting block dropped by a staggering 60%. That's the difference in the Democratic Party right there. So, the protestors ought to head home and do something that actually works - vote.

My mail-in ballot came today for city council and mayoral races, as well as a significant state revenue bill and several initiatives on open space. My wife will drop our ballots by City Hall tomorrow. Because, rather than get all hyped up in a tent across from the capital, I actually bother to participate in my republic. I actually understand how my government works. I vote for goodness sakes. In every election.

So .... get a clue, Hippies.

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Mel Magree said...

Thanks for stating what I've been trying to get across for years, both in my Reader Weekly (Duluth) column and now my blog http://magree.blogspot.com.

I hope you are reaching more than the few dozen that I do:(

My latest short post is

If you don't vote, don't complain to me

If you're too busy to vote, then you're too busy to complain about the result.