Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Great Food Truck Race 2012 - Aussie Babes Out

In the second installment of the Food Network's 2012 Great Food Truck Race, the Barbie Babes from Australia didn't make the cut in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona.  Unfortunately for them, they were not exactly the lowest earners that week - a distinction that went to Pop-a-Waffles.  The Waffle boys, however, won immunity this week with the food challenge to cook a local delicacy - cactus.  I was a bit surprised by their win, as they simply made a cactus salsa - and the judge criticized some other trucks for not doing anything special.  I guess their salsa was just better.  Thus, they survive another week, and Momma's Grizzly barely stays in despite making the huge rookie mistake of closing up early.  The winners of the week were the Korean guys from Seoul Sausage for the second week in the row.

The days in Flagstaff were fairly entertaining, as Tyler Florence let the trucks get right to work.  I did think it was an interesting dilemma the Atlanta crew got into by heading to the kite festival and being denied for a lack of permit.  The man on the screen told them it "was a city event, and thus they could only allow certified vendors."  But if that is the case, how were the trucks able to set up on the streets of Flagstaff?  Obviously, I'm missing something.  And the issue of licensing food trucks is becoming more significant as the industry grows.  Clearly, Flagstaff is OK with trucks just pulling in from out of town and setting up shop.  And, if not, the Food Network should be on top of that.

Overall, it was a fun week.  Though, at this point, I don't have much connection to any of the contestants.  And I'm not feeling it like I did in seasons past.  Hopefully the show will kick it up a notch.  Not that I just want drama.  But I enjoyed the whole food truck experience more in the past.  Perhaps that was because they were skilled food truck operators.  We'll see.

Of course, now it's off to Amarillo, Texas.  It will be interesting to see whether Seoul Sausage can stay on top in a place like Texas.

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